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Pūpū A ʻO ʻEwa Writing and Arts and Ka ʻUmeke Kāʻeo Native Hawaiian Writing and Arts Achievement Awards accept all expressions of ke ʻano Hawaiʻi, including Native Hawaiian identity, culture, language and literature, history, arts and crafts, politics, lands, water, and nature.

Written work will be in the following genres:

Mele: oli, mele, hula, music lyrics
Fiction: mo’olelo pōkole, short stories, childrenʻs stories, plays
Memoir, personal histories, oral histories
Nonfiction: articles, essays

Art work:

Paintings, drawings
Posters, t-shirt designs
Art journals, collage
Modern and traditional 3-D art such as feather work, sculpture, carving, lei, tattoo, weaving, kapa — please submit a photo of your work

Submitted entries must be original works by the author or artist seeking publication.  If you wish to submit material that has previously been published electronically, please inform us of where and when it was published. When you submit your work to Pūpū, you agreeing to our terms (see “Agreement for Publication” below.)

How to Submit Your Work to Pūpū and Ka `Umeke Kā`eo awards

  1. Email your work.  Fill out a submission form, then email the form and your work to  (limit file size to 10 MB) OR
  2. Drop off the form and an electronic copy of your writing or art (DVD or CD) to Pūpū at Hālau ʻIke O Puʻuloa or at the Language Arts Division office OR
  3. Submit your work online (below)

Submit your work



  • Ka `Umeke Kā`eo Awards accepts writing and art for consideration.  You must be currently taking a minimum 1 class at Leeward CC.  Students wanting to be published in Pūpū are encouraged to apply for a Ka `Umeke Kā`eo award.
  • Pūpū A `O `Ewa welcomes writing and art by everyone: Leeward CC student (current, past or future), faculty, lecturer and staff member, and members of the community.  Special consideration will be given to residents of the districts our college serves.
  • You do NOT have to be Native Hawaiian to submit your work; indeed, everyone is welcome to submit.  But you must meet the Hawaiian-focused requirement.

Agreement for Publication: When you submit your work, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following terms

  • All work is original and does not use any copyrighted material.
  • I give Leeward CC the non-exclusive right to publish my work in any format, including all print, electronic, and online media. I understand that as author, I retain the right to submit my work for non-exclusive publication elsewhere.
  • My work, image, and supporting materials (such as recorded interviews and performances) may also be reproduced in any of the College’s magazines, in print or online, as an example of student work and to promote the College and its courses and programs on campus or in the community.
  • Leeward CC may edit or abridge my work for grammatical and spelling errors at its discretion.
  • All people in art or video have agreed to have their images published.

Submission Deadlines

  • Ka `Umeke Kā`eo Writing and Arts Achievement Awards are held each semester. Deadlines are April 20 (for Spring) and November 20 (for Fall.)
  • Pūpū publishes new works every week during the fall and spring semesters. We go on hiatus during the summer.  Submissions are accepted year round.


Written submissions may in Hawaiian, English, or Hawaiʻi Creole English (Pidgin.)  The editors of Pūpū will not translate any works written solely in the Hawaiian or English languages unless the author provides a translation.  Any editorial questions about grammar or spelling or accuracy will be addressed with the author.


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